Eating Disorders/Weight Loss

Anyone else here have a highly emotional relationship with food? Yeah, I figured you might.

If it’s weight loss you think you’re after, you’re certainly not alone. Once again, the comfort of youth has gone awry. All those wonderful holiday meals, birthdays, rewards for anything from good grades to good behavior, or because grandma felt like it. This gives way to the autonomy and high metabolism of adolescence and our twenties. All the while, for most of us, food is great! Hungry? Eat what you like? Who cares?

And then…

As difficult as it may be to pinpoint the exact line of demarcation between youthful indulgence and emotional eating, most of us find comfort in the foods we enjoy when emotional comfort is what we’re really after.

The typical mindset behind this transitional is all about taking control, eating less, exercising more, in order to create the ideal you. While doing these things may be helpful to some, it can create a mindset of deprivation and harsh self judgement, making the road ahead difficult to sustain.

You can lose fat, you can gain muscle, these are facts and I’m not here to argue. However, there’s an approach that we’ve found extraordinary success with-

The ideal you is already here. Just as many now believe that most physical ailments and disorders are rooted in emotional and psychological imbalances, carrying excess weight is a physical manifestation of carrying emotional burdens that need to be set down.

Everyone understands the concept of emotional eating, but for some reason, most of us only apply this concept to the behavior yet to come. You’re literally wearing your trauma!! And most likely, there’s a bit from everyone you’ve ever known, or cared about.

When we align our minds, when our subconscious and conscious minds are fluidly moving toward the same destination, we develop new reactions to old triggers. The great news here his simple- you can heal yourself and your mindset as easily as you’ve learned to sabotage yourself.

The same would apply to those who deprive themselves of food. The discipline and mastery of self taken entirely too far. Learning to find beauty in caring for your oldest friend, your body, and find joy in nourishing and sustaining al of the processes that take place therein. Owning your own self image and not basing your actions on the notion that your body needs to fit into some archetype determined by popular culture.

In either case, hypnotherapy provides us the opportunity to develop an image of the ideal self that already exists. Completely rethink nourishment and the celebration of being alive in this body at this moment. The imagery and suggestions work so well here. In addition, we create a toolbox for you to use in between sessions- things you can do to control cravings, make healthful choices, enjoy what you eat while moving toward your goal!

*If you’ve been diagnosed with Anorexia Nervosa, or your physician has suggested that you lose more than 35lbs, it’s recommended that you get a medical referral. It’s simple and we have a form!

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