Sleeping Disorders

If being exhausted on the couch at 9:15PM and wide awake in bed at 2:00AM isn’t the most frustrating thing in the world, it’s certainly close!

Tricky business, this sleep thing. There are many factors to consider and it’s usually a combination of several of them, but not to worry, there’s hope.

Being super duper busy and productive goes hand in hand with being an adult. It’s difficult to either plan for tomorrow, (and I mean plan, not spin!) or process yesterday when you’re constantly busy. Isn’t it amazing how many things occur to you the moment your head hits the pillow? Your conscious mind can hold but one thing at any given time.As much as we enjoy attempting to multi task, any productive and thorough thinking is difficult to manage while working, shopping, driving to soccer practice, interacting with your significant other… it gets pushed off til we have the time.

So, easy answer? Medication- it’s easy, it treats the symptom and you sleep. But, they impair you, they’re addictive and they often carry over to the morning, at which time you need a tub of coffee to wake up and energy drinks throughout the day to sustain.

Sleep is a restorative function, a blessing and it’s meant to feel wonderful. Your dreams are precious. Falling asleep naturally and waking refreshed is the goal. Aside from being the goal, it’s also what we’re meant to do!

So how can hypnotherapy help me sleep you ask? New neural pathways!! While medication focuses on knocking you unconscious at night, hypnotherapy takes a holistic approach to your entire day. With the proper mindset, the proper plan, you’ll be naturally ready for bed at the appropriate time.

Being mindful and present during your day, allowing yourself time to decompress and prepare, a restorative approach to your nighttime routine and a few other minor adjustments can really be all the help you’ll need.

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