Past Life Regression

What is Past Life Regression?

Past Life Regression works with the mind, body, emotions and energetic framework to assist you in finding root causes of problems or issues in order to heal and release them. Like echoes, karmic patterns from the past may be vibrating into the present and only through deeper understanding can we evaluate what patterns, relationships, illnesses or habits may be limiting the present from it’s fullest manifestation.

This session will help you to better understand what meaning and messages you need to know to assist you in elevating to your highest potential.

Sessions are two hours in length.

**120 min Intuitive Hypnotherapy Healing Past Life Regression: $222

Erin Touponse, with Mystic Healing Reiki, is an Intuitive Development facilitator working in The Blackbird House– Old Wethersfield, CT. She works with you to “Awaken Your Inner Healer”.

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Blackbird Hypnosis

Located in Old Wethersfield, CT Blackbird Hypnosis can assist you with healing and releasing limited beliefs so that you can achieve your highest goals.

Our certified practitioners specialize in a variety of modalities from Hypnosis for Weight Loss to Intuitive Deep Healing & Past Life Regression.

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