Life Coaching

Sometimes, a more direct approach is what is called for. Life Coaching is a great way to quickly gain perspective and direction. Let’s figure out what it is you truly want, put a plan in place and go!

Marcel is a Certified Life Coach, with years of experience helping people achieve their goals. This is coaching, not therapy. Although we will pay attention to causality as it applies to your motivation, this is a forward facing process.

You’re ready, but you’re having trouble forging your path, taking the first step. Life Coaching may very well be the fastest way to get to where you’re trying to go.

We will quickly and methodically break down your desire and create a plan, centered around a series of attainable goals. You’ll be provided with a “toolbox” of sorts, things you can use in between sessions to stay on track.

Once the momentum begins, this is a joyous and fulfilling ride. When you begin to realize that manifesting the life you want, while having a fantastic time doing it, is your natural state, your life will completely change in every way you’d like it to.

Now is the best time to start.

Blackbird Hypnosis

Located in Old Wethersfield, CT Blackbird Hypnosis can assist you with healing and releasing limited beliefs so that you can achieve your highest goals.

Our certified practitioners specialize in a variety of modalities from Hypnosis for Weight Loss to Intuitive Deep Healing & Past Life Regression.

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