I am anxious by nature. Not a tragedy, but it deeply impacted my quality of life. Restless nights of little sleep would lead to foggy days of lowered efficiency and little joy, which, in turn, led to more restless nights of little sleep as I searched for answers in the random patterns of light and shadow on the ceiling. This continued until I discovered the power of hypnotherapy. My compulsion to outthink life’s circumstances was replaced with a redirected subconscious mind, finding joy in the present moment. Stress is manageable and anxiety is fleeting. Yes, stress and anxiety. They’re related, but different and as we delve into corrective methods, it’s important to understand the distinction.

Stress is a reaction to an external cause. Being pulled in several different directions throughout the course of a day will lead to stress. Balancing self, family and work isn’t easy and when time becomes a factor, it’s natural to experience stress over whether or not you’ll get it all done. Once the last task is complete and you’ve settled in for the evening, the daily stress is usually gone.

What happens when the stress doesn’t leave right away? Your boss has asked you to join a committee that extends your day by fifteen minutes making it all but impossible to be on time for your daughter’s soccer practice. So, after your evening repose, you dig into this situation. Soccer is important to your child and you can’t rely on anyone else for a ride. Do you ask your boss to reconsider placing you on said committee? Will that jeopardize your job? Is this the right job? You see where I’m going here. Your internal process has fed and watered your stress until it grew into anxiety.

Ok great, what now? If there is a simple remedy for anxiety, it’s mindfulness. Mindfulness is a state of mind achieved by focusing on one’s awareness of the present moment. Anxiety is our attempt to solve issues that may, or may not happen in the future. You’re ignoring your present during this process. Hypnotherapy is one of the most effective methods for establishing a lasting, mindful approach to honoring the present moment and experiencing the joy therein.

Breathing, and focusing on your breathing, is key here, just as it is in meditation. All therapeutic hypnotic inductions are associated with breathing. Focusing on the rhythm and quality of each inhale and exhale is essential preparation for hypnotherapy. The most effective way to find the present moment is to focus on deep, restorative breaths.

Once one is in an hypnotic state, suggestions are delivered that augment confidence, peace of mind, gratitude and joy. Everyone’s different, nuance is important, but the desired outcome is the same, developing an approach that works. Objective analysis of their situation, sound planning and trust in the plan. With each action, there is clarity and when not acting rest. All the while, the suggestions that have been carefully chosen and implemented have rewired the subconscious mind to support this mindful approach. New neural pathways have replaced the old. Responses to life’s circumstances have changed for the better. The pattern of anxiety is replaced with a mindful and joyous approach to the day, regardless of what may come.

Which leads me to my characterization of anxiety – it’s the world’s worst bet. You’re taking today’s most precious resource – your energy – and placing it on the roulette wheel of things yet to pass. Most of which will never happen. Planning for every potential outcome on a daily basis does nothing more than feed our insecurities. When coping with a situation, ask yourself, is there something I can do about this right now? If so, do it. If not, you’re most likely between steps. Rest. The more joy you experience in the present, the more prepared you’ll be for whatever comes, whether you’ve planned for it, or not.

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